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The Community is a by-invitation-only agent success membership organization 100% dedicated to the personal, business, financial, and lifestyle growth of each of our agent partners. 

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The Community eXplained

Learn why so many top real estate agents are joining The Community at eXp Realty!

What you'll learn:

✅  Why brokerage owners are using our systems to grow faster than before!
✅  How agents are getting strategies, tools, and systems that explode their production!
✅  Why top team leaders are bringing their teams here and doubling their sales!
✅  How we help agents grow passive income streams to supercharge your business and life!


Join Us and Get 100% Free Coaching, Tools, Webinars, Trainings, and so much more!

Join The Community online today to get the support, training, mentorship and built in scalability you need and deserve!

We train our partners on growing their real estate sales business, creating leverage, building teams, generating passive income, investing, planning for retirement, and so much more. 

Oh, and did we mention that it's all FREE for all of our member agents! Just get a current member of The Community to sponsor you, and you'll be given a free membership!

Why did The Community align with eXp Realty?

 We get asked this a lot ...

"Why did The Community align with eXp Realty?"

  • The short answer ... This alignment of our business allows us to make our services FREE for our agent partners.
  • You see, each of our partner agents chooses to align their business with an existing member of The Community who is already doing business at eXp Realty.
By joining through an existing member of The Community + eXp Realty, it connects us all.
  • As a result, we're financially able to provide FREE access to our tools, resources, trainings, webinars, coaching, classes, events, and more.
  • The best part is that the costs of this program are entirely offset by eXp Realty's revenue share system.
To learn more, watch The Community eXplained webinar and then get back to the agent who sent you here to sign up.
  • The sign up process is painless and does not move your license yet.
  • Plus, your partner agent inside The Community will walk you through every step of the process! 👍 

We help you get where you need to go ...

Our leadership works directly with all members of The Community through trainings, webinars, coaching, and more to achieve your goals.

Sell a Lot More Homes

Our leadership group is full of top agents selling anywhere from 30 to 500+ homes a year! We know real estate and it shows.

We believe that structure equals success. With that in mind, we give our materials, tools, tips, tricks, and strategies to you to help you grow your business fast!

We've loaded 100% of our top coaching content (which we used to sell for $$$) inside our members-only site - available to our members for free. Want live content? ... We host three live weekly webinars, all led by top-producers in The Community!

Build Your Life

Your business should be helping you to build toward freedom.

Our systems are designed to help you see massive gains in your income in a short timeframe. We then show you how to leverage your financial advantage into a permanent lifestyle improvement!

We will work closely with you to understand your goals and help you to craft your freedom blueprint.

Build Your Team

Not a team builder? ... No problem.

We have a system where you partner with one of our senior leaders who will help you directly to talk to agents, add value, and ultimately grow your brokerage footprint. Our partnership can supercharge your income and your future.

We host a weekly power up Zoom call for each of our agent partners interested in helping to grow The Community and build a passive income stream.

You belong here.

🚨 Membership is ONLY available if you are sponsored by an existing member.

Upcoming Events

Check out the amazing upcoming events presented by / endorsed by The Community:


July 10-12, 2023

Join us in San Antonio for the best information on how to build your organization at eXp Realty faster, with passion, and with the right partners! 



October 2-5, 2023

Join us at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in sunny Las Vegas to experience the BEST national conference in the real estate space ... EXPCON!! Learn a ton, get referrals, build relationships, and dig into the nitty gritty of real estate!



January 28 - February 4, 2024

Join us in Maui to learn how to grow your organization like a true pro! Hang with the best of the best and learn what's needed to grow fast. 

Oh, and enjoy the best that gorgeous Hawaii has to offer while masterminding with other leaders!


Don't take our word for it ...

Click here to watch real members talk about their experiences with The Community and eXp Realty!

Six Steps to Join Us

Here's how to get started with The Community:

Our Weekly Trainings

Open Coaching Hour™

Sometimes working on your business is tough and questions arise. We want you to get the answers you need, right when you need them. Open Coaching Hour™ is just that. It's your chance to plug into some of the best coaches in the industry. Don't wait to supercharge your success ... Do it today!

TUESDAYS - 11:00am Pacific

CORE90 Training™

The central training ground for The Community. We have a group of core leaders who plan, develop, and present this content for all members. We also have a terrific rotation of guest speakers from across the industry to pour into our guests.

WEDNESDAYS - 9:00am Pacific

Attraction Mastermind™

If you're excited to build your organization at eXp Realty and within The Community, this is where the magic happens. Don't miss your chance to build passive income doing what you love. Get the accountability, systems, tools, dialogues, and leadership you need to get your to your goals.

THURSDAYS - 9am Pacific

Want to Learn More?

Click the button below to review our Due Diligence materials we've put together to help you explore the opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Community is a value add organization at eXp Realty. As such, you must be sponsored to eXp Realty by a current member of The Community to access our full suite of opportunities!

Reach back out to the current member of The Community who invited you to learn more and tell them you'd like to get signed up today! Welcome!

We make money because we have aligned The Community with eXp Realty. As a result of the very generous revenue sharing model that eXp Realty provides to all agents, we can now offer 100% of our systems, coaching, and more at no direct cost to the agents.

The CORE90 Training program is a comprehensive weekly training on the most advanced business and wealth building strategies available to agents today. Each weekly session takes place from 9:00-10:30am (Pacific Time) on Wednesdays and features a different coach or trainer from The Community.


If you want to though, we have systems to help you together with our team of professionals. If you're not interested, no sweat.

We've seen the power of recurring monthly income and, as a result, we want to empower all our interested agents to succeed in this area (with our help, of course!).

Just head over to our Due Diligence page located at https://thecommunitycenter.com/duediligence and check it out. We've worked to provide tons of helpful info without too much "fluff." Let us know if you need anything else, and we will jump on it.

We are open for agents everywhere that eXp Realty is located. Currently, that's the full United States and 23 other countries. Ask the person who invited you to The Community if you need to check.

Yes. Please reach out to the person who sent you to us and let's get the conversation started.

We're working hard to be open everywhere ... So, let's do it!

This is a private weekly coaching and support meeting reserved only for agents inside The Community. The call is run by multiple SUCCESS® Certified coaches and also features multiple ICON Award™ winning agents, principal brokers, and top producing agents on rotation.

If you (or agents on your team) need help, this is a great place to get support, coaching, advice, and questions answered. Show up, ask great questions, and get the support you need to grow your life and business.

So many top agents are joining The Community!

Click 👇 to learn WHY


❤️ #LoveYourLife


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